Why eat raw fruits and Vegetables

Our diet consists of some raw fruits and vegetables. Many may not like raw fruits or vegetables. But for a healthy body, raw food is considered good. Raw foods help digest food better. Also, the body gets all its nutrients.

  1. Fruit
    Most fruits can be eaten raw. When you eat raw fruits, the body gets the full amount of vitamins found in it. It is low in calories and has enough fiber. Also makes the digestive system healthy.
  2. Vegetables
    How many vegetables can be eaten raw? Raw vegetables are a good source of minerals. Also, leafy vegetables are high in protein. It is necessary for the maintenance and development of muscles.
  3. Nutrients
    When cooking certain foods, overcooking, uncovering destroys the nutrients in it. Also, the spice in it destroys the nutrients of the food in the process of making it delicious. So eating raw food benefits the body.
  4. Healthy digestive system
    Some people try to eat a lot of cooked, fried, starchy, spicy food. But such food damages the digestive system. If raw food is eaten raw, it makes the digestive system strong and healthy. The fiber and enzymes in raw food keep the digestive system healthy.
  5. Reduces obesity
    Raw food is a food supplement. The fiber in it spreads to the stomach. This is the reason why you do not experience hunger soon. Because of this, there is no possibility of over drying. Due to which obesity is decreasing in the body.
  6. Teeth
    Raw food is beneficial for the body as well as the teeth. Proper chewing of raw food provides nutrients to the body and also exercises the teeth.


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