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Nowadays, people’s addiction to social media has increased so much that it seems incomplete if they don’t post something on Facebook every day. After posting statuses, photos and videos on Facebook, everyone wants to get the attention of their Facebook friends and get plenty of likes and comments. I am happy if I get a lot of likes and comments on Facebook, but if others don’t pay much attention to my post, I feel sad.

In fact, social media like Facebook is for easy communication and networking with your friends and relatives. But when relationships with friends and relatives are determined by Facebook likes and comments, problems can arise. While using Facebook, we may be making many mistakes, which can be detrimental to our privacy and social life. So don’t make these 11 mistakes when using Facebook.

Put a lot of your personal information on Facebook Before posting something on Facebook, before you press the post button, review how much personal information you are sharing in that post. It is not appropriate to post conversations and related matters with your close friends, family and colleagues on social media like Facebook. So think before you blindly post anything on Facebook.

Don’t use Facebook while I’m drunk We know you shouldn’t drive while intoxicated. Similarly, it is safe not to use Facebook when you are drunk. Using Facebook while drinking heavily can sometimes lead to offensive and inappropriate posts or the risk of sending a similar message to someone. Now there are some apps available in the Play Store that prevent you from using Facebook and other social media while drinking alcohol.

Becoming a Facebook Friend with Anyone Just because you have 600 people on your Facebook friends list doesn’t mean you have 600 friends. So stop making anyone your Facebook friend. Facebook is a platform where you share your personal information and people who have no connection or identity with you have no benefit in getting such information from you.

It is not good to make everything on your Facebook profile public so that no one can see it. It’s better to set privacy settings that only your Facebook friends can see, such as your school name, college name, birthplace, etc. Similarly, it is appropriate to make privacy settings so that Facebook posts can be seen only by related or friends.

Home and office address Office time Sharing Your home address, office address, office time, etc., it is not good to make public on Facebook profile. Making such information public can sometimes cause problems in your personal life.

Sharing children’s photos and information Some parents have a habit of sharing their children’s photos and videos on Facebook. Some even share information about the child’s school name, address, class, friends, place to go, favorite food on Facebook.

Sometimes people with the wrong mentality can benefit from sharing such sensitive information about children on Facebook. So it is better not to share much about your children on Facebook. This protects children from being insecure.

Wealth display on Facebook Not only is it necessary to say that you are rich, but it can also be counterproductive. If you buy a new car, buy a new house, make a new investment, it is better not to make noise on Facebook. It is best to keep your financial information confidential.

Swearing in a Facebook post or messenger, abusing someone by writing abusive words on Facebook or sending a message to someone by writing obscene words in the messenger can be very deadly. People are more likely to use this to insult you in the future by posting screenshots of the messages you sent or the posts you made.

Some people have a habit of posting photos of passports, ship tickets, bank statements and certificates on Facebook by taking pictures of their personal documents like passport, citizenship, bank account details. Some even post such documents, including barcodes, on Facebook, so that other people’s information can be found by other people. So don’t post such personal documents on Facebook to ‘show’ about yourself.

Another headache for Facebook that allows anyone to tag is photo tagging. So make changes to Facebook’s privacy settings to make it easier for anyone to tag you and show you what they’ve tagged on your wall.

Check and review your list of friends on Facebook from time to time to remove strangers and non-contacts. Someone is your real friend. Is it appropriate to have a friend on Facebook? Decide whether to remove or keep people on the friend list based on whether they interact on personal Facebook. Those who have not been contacted on Facebook for years, are always inactive towards your Facebook posts. It is not necessary to keep such people in Facebook’s friend list.

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