What is the Market of Demand Programming Language

Are you thinking of learning a programming language? But if you are hesitant to start with the language, JavaScript, Java and Python may be right for you.

A recent survey by programmer training company Code in Game found that companies are hiring developers with knowledge of JavaScript, Java and Python languages.

The survey of 15,000 developers and HR managers worldwide found that 60 percent of tech companies had high demand for JavaScript, Java and Python.

Of these, 62 percent had the highest demand for JavaScript. This was followed by Java with 59 percent and Python with 48 percent.

The survey also found that some programming languages ​​are popular among developers, but not among employers.

For example, 45.1 percent said they would code in C, while only 15.4 percent said companies needed C development.

Similarly, 47 percent liked C Plus Plus, but less than 27 percent of companies preferred C Plus Plus developers.

Similarly, 57 percent of developers coded Python, while 47 percent of companies said there was a demand for Python developers.

Ad Barrel, co-founder of Code in Game, says it’s common for marketers and programmers to differ in language trending.

As the topic of trending language is not an end in itself, the discussion about its trending will continue, he says.


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