What is cosmetic surgery and why is it done

Cosmetic surgery can be considered as a beauty enhancement technique. We can understand it like plastic surgery. This technique is used to straighten the unsightly part of the face or to stretch the wrinkled part. Nowadays, this technology is being preferred by many people. It is also popular because it plays a big role in enhancing the beauty of human beings. Many people are not aware of this technology and many people are not able to take advantage of it. However, adopting this technique without checking your skin can affect your skin. It can cause us to lose our beauty. So it is very important that we take precautions. Some people may not know why cosmetic surgery is performed. Here are some common causes of cosmetic surgery:

If the eye is small, to make the eye look big and attractive
If the nose is bigger and smoother than the face, to make the nose look beautiful
To brighten the beauty by mixing eyes, nose, skin, cheeks, forehead, etc.
To make a woman’s big or sagging breast small or attractive
Stretching the thighs and abdomen of a woman during pregnancy
If the abdomen is too thick, adjust it
If a man has a large chest at a young age, bring it back to normal
If there is a burn on the body, remove it
To loosen the connected fingers
To make the deaf ear like a normal human being
To enlarge small breasts by ‘silicone breast implants’
To make cut lips, to make lips small or big
To remove frozen fat under the eyes

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