• space between the teeth

    The future of the space between the teeth

    Oceanography is a broad discipline. In this, a person’s temperament, character and personality are discovered by assessing the individual’s face and different parts of the body. Gap between teeth Beauty:Usually if there is a gap between the teeth, it makes the smile fade. That is why it is not considered…

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  • cosmetic surgery

    What is cosmetic surgery and why is it done

    Cosmetic surgery can be considered as a beauty enhancement technique. We can understand it like plastic surgery. This technique is used to straighten the unsightly part of the face or to stretch the wrinkled part. Nowadays, this technology is being preferred by many people. It is also popular because it…

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  • The Benefits of Eating Green Chilies

    The Benefits of Eating Green Chillies

    Probably less people who don’t like bitter, sour. Many people get water in their mouth when they say it is bitter and sour. But those who eat too much should be careful. Even spicy foods can cause chest and stomach problems. However, if you eat green chillies, you can get…

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  • Why eat raw fruits and Vegetables

    Why eat raw fruits and Vegetables

    Our diet consists of some raw fruits and vegetables. Many may not like raw fruits or vegetables. But for a healthy body, raw food is considered good. Raw foods help digest food better. Also, the body gets all its nutrients. FruitMost fruits can be eaten raw. When you eat raw…

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  • Avoid foot fractures

    Avoid the problem of broken legs

    Dry and cracked feet can be a big cause of discomfort. Your broken feet may not look good on your sandals and you may feel pain. If such a broken leg is not treated in time, it can develop into a debilitating disease. Germs can also live on your broken feet and cause…

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