• Now you can send money directly from MoneyGram to eSeva Wallet

    Send money directly from MoneyGram to eSewa Wallet

    MoneyGram International and Iseva Money Transfer have signed an agreement for remittance services. In addition, MoneyGram customers around the world will be able to send money directly to their friends and family’s bank account or eSeva wallet. In addition, direct account deposit service has also been started. It is said…

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  • Internet service

    Internet service blocked in Humla for four days

    Nepal Telecom’s internet service has been disrupted for four days in Mlama. When the internet service was disrupted since last Saturday evening, the service recipients in and around the district headquarters Simkot have been in crisis. More than a dozen banks and financial institutions operating in Simkot have been facing…

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  • Samsung's 12 GB RAM

    Samsung’s foldable first Smartphone with 12 GB RAM

    South Korean company Samsung has introduced ‘Galaxy Jet Fold 2’ in the Nepali market for a few months now. invotechThis is the first time that a foldable smartphone has been brought to Nepal targeting the third generation. This is Samsung’s first technology. It falls under the flagship phone. Bold designed,…

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  • The upcoming iPhone will always come with on display

    The upcoming iPhone will always come with on display

    Apple’s upcoming iPhone could come with ‘Always On Display’. According to Weinbach, the iPhone coming in 2021 will have a 120 Hz LTPO display that looks like a lock screen and can provide some detailed information without input. This feature is also available in some Android devices. It always has…

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  • 4 Lava smartphones available for less than Rs 10,000

    Lava smartphones available Under Rs 10,000

    Lava is one of the best-selling mobile phones in Nepal. Lava International has been bringing Lava phones to the Nepali market. invotechVarious Lava phones have been selling in the Nepali market for the past ten years. According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the share of Lava brand is the highest…

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  • The display of iPhone 13 will come with new feature

    The display of iPhone 13 will come with new feature

    There are rumors that Apple will release the new iPhone 13 this year. With the growing rumors, iPhone fans are starting to speculate about the features. invotechThe size of the iPhone 13, the display, the charger and its color have been the subject of many inquiries. According to Engadget, Apple…

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  • programming language

    What is the Market of Demand Programming Language

    Are you thinking of learning a programming language? But if you are hesitant to start with the language, JavaScript, Java and Python may be right for you. A recent survey by programmer training company Code in Game found that companies are hiring developers with knowledge of JavaScript, Java and Python…

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