• Ncell

    Ncell is constructing a green garden with a playground

    Ncell Axiata Limited is constructing and conserving the Lanchaur ground in the heart of Kathmandu under its business social responsibility. The green park with playground to be constructed under this project is aimed at contributing to the construction of a clean, neat, green city. This green garden is located in…

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  • Now you can send money directly from MoneyGram to eSeva Wallet

    Send money directly from MoneyGram to eSewa Wallet

    MoneyGram International and Iseva Money Transfer have signed an agreement for remittance services. In addition, MoneyGram customers around the world will be able to send money directly to their friends and family’s bank account or eSeva wallet. In addition, direct account deposit service has also been started. It is said…

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  • Demat account in 1 hour from home

    Demat account in 1 hour from home

    NIC Asia Capital Limited has started the facility of opening a demat account at home in one hour. Under the ‘One Nepali, One Demat Account‘ campaign, Capital has launched a facility to open a demat account at home. The demat account will be provided free of cost to the customers…

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  • Internet service

    Internet service blocked in Humla for four days

    Nepal Telecom’s internet service has been disrupted for four days in Mlama. When the internet service was disrupted since last Saturday evening, the service recipients in and around the district headquarters Simkot have been in crisis. More than a dozen banks and financial institutions operating in Simkot have been facing…

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  • Awarded by Dr. Rupak Ghimire Corporate Health Award 1

    Awarded by Dr. Rupak Ghimire Corporate Health Award

    Senior Dermatologist Dr. Rupak Ghimire has been awarded the Corporate Health Award. Along with successful personalities from different sectors of the society, Dr. Ghimire has also been awarded in the third corporate award and fashion trade program organized in Kathmandu. Dr. Ghimire is also the director of Awaran Skin and…

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