The upcoming iPhone will always come with on display

Apple’s upcoming iPhone could come with ‘Always On Display’.

According to Weinbach, the iPhone coming in 2021 will have a 120 Hz LTPO display that looks like a lock screen and can provide some detailed information without input.

This feature is also available in some Android devices. It always has a light on and it shows the battery charge and the clock.

Similarly, the bar and icon will also indicate that the notification has arrived.

It also has an improved Ultra Wide camera that can take good photos even in low light.

It will also have the same portrait video mode as the Galaxy S21. Weinbach has said that there will be no significant change in the design this year.

It will also have a magnet called MagSafe so that the wallet does not fall off when the user pulls out the iPhone.

According to some earlier reports, the iPhone will also have a smaller size for Face ID.

No matter how accurate Weinbach’s report may be, Apple may make some changes to the phone during construction.

The company did not use the 120 Hz LTPO display for fear of running out of battery on the iPhone 12.


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