The display of iPhone 13 will come with new feature

There are rumors that Apple will release the new iPhone 13 this year. With the growing rumors, iPhone fans are starting to speculate about the features.

The size of the iPhone 13, the display, the charger and its color have been the subject of many inquiries.

According to Engadget, Apple will add a new feature to the iPhone 13’s display.

Apple’s famous liqueur Max Weinbach has said that the iPhone 13 will come with an ‘always-on’ display feature.

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The ‘Always-On’ display feature will make the phone’s display look like a lock screen and allow the user to view all the details without turning on the phone.

Clock and battery information can be seen mainly on the display. Users will also be able to place icons of their choice

The input inside the phone will not be disclosed, says Engadget.

The ‘Always-On’ display feature has arrived on Samsung and other Android smartphones.

The camera feature of iPhone 13 is also expected to be upgraded. The iPhone 13 will have an ultra-wide camera, automatic astrophotography and portrait video mode, according to Max Weinbach.

Some have even speculated that the new iPhone will have a smaller notch.

Apple has not yet given any official information about the features of the iPhone-13.


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