Send money directly from MoneyGram to eSewa Wallet

MoneyGram International and Iseva Money Transfer have signed an agreement for remittance services. In addition, MoneyGram customers around the world will be able to send money directly to their friends and family’s bank account or eSeva wallet.

In addition, direct account deposit service has also been started. It is said that the service wallet is also being prepared for launch. With more than 65 banks connected, including all major banks, the account deposit service can deposit money in almost all bank accounts in Nepal.

Among the more than 4.2 million registered e-service wallet users in Nepal, the upcoming e-service wallet service will be a huge milestone for Nepal’s inbound remittances. According to the World Bank, Nepal is one of the top recipients of remittances in the world. In 2019, remittances amounted to US ८ 8.25 billion.

“We look forward to expanding our network through this partnership and further digital growth as we expand our customer-centric capacity programs,” said Naved Ashraf, Head of Financial Services India. I am happy to be able to provide the receiving service. ‘

Nepalis living in the United States, South Korea, Australia, European countries as well as other countries will be able to easily send money to MoneyGram. The company has said that this service, which is full of simple receiver details to send money, will save both the sender and the recipient hassle.

“We are very excited for a new partnership with MoneyGram,” said Bishwas Dhakal, Chairman, Fvan Soft Group, a parent company of ISEWA. Will be. ‘

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