Look at such a model who has no hair, nails and teeth!

Look at such a model, who has no hair, nails and teeth!

Kathmandu: We have different desires, but for various reasons, not all desires can be fulfilled. We can complete the work no matter what the problem is. Such a model has fulfilled her impossible desire.

Today we are talking about a model that has no teeth or hair. As soon as we say model, we think that we have beautiful body and various talents. But 27-year-old Melanie Gedas has fulfilled her dream of becoming a model. He has no hair on his head and no teeth in his mouth. Gedas, who lives in Connecticut, suffers from a rare disease.

Due to the disease, her hair, nails, hair and small hairs have not been able to develop. She had been suffering from a genetic disorder since birth. She also has bilateral cleft palate and alopecia which also stops the natural growth of her hair.

Despite this problem, she decided to try modeling. She was helped by a friend to model. Encouraged by a friend, Melanie started modeling. Melanie, who studied at the Pratt Institute in New York, stopped worrying about her illness.

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