Kothi stared at his face Tips

You have unnecessary room on your face. You must have heard that the attitudes, fortunes and habits of the person concerned are examined by connecting the rooms. There are rumors that the fate of having a room in the nose is like having a fortune in the eyes. Of course, in the right place on the face, up to two rooms at most looks good. If there are too many rooms, it will look ugly.

Women who are not satisfied with their beauty also use laser surgery to remove the room. It can be very expensive.

” This is called value in English. The Department of Dermatology at Dhulikhel Hospital has been using various laser technologies for the last 10 years. There are also some Ayurvedic treatments to get rid of rats or pimples from the face. ”

You can also wash your face with warm water after 15 minutes by dipping it in cotton vinegar and applying it on the mice. By doing this regularly, the rats and mice disappear.

The juice of the bark leaves is very beneficial for the treatment of rats and rats. It softens the skin and removes rats.

You can use this method by collecting the leaves of the tree when you reach Chautara. When cotton is soaked in onion juice and applied to rats and mice, the sweat cells are reduced.

Applying baking soda to the room and mice before going to bed at night also removes it.

Massage with sour yoghurt for 10 to 15 minutes and wash your face to remove the ugly room.

Regular use of glycerin and rose water is the perfect medicine to make your face glow and disappear.

It is also considered good to use a piece of raw potato to remove facial wrinkles. It makes your face glow.

The inside of the banana peel is kept in the room and tied with a clean cloth from above and kept the same throughout the night.

If the room is spread all over the face, the juice of groundnuts can be applied on the skin two or three times a day.

It is believed that it can be removed by lightly massaging the face with apple juice before going to bed at night.
Grinding green coriander also makes the mice soft and fall off.

For the treatment of Kothi, sour yogurt should be massaged for 10 to 15 minutes.

Apply nail polish on the mice and clean it after a while. Doing this 23 times a day will kill the rats.

Mixing a little honey and sunflower oil and applying it in a regular room will also get rid of it.

Don’t make such a mistake!
Wikipedia Nepali Dictionary has written that the grandson of the face, those who are bothered by the room are in a hurry to clean it overnight.

Some use laser technology to remove such debris. When the seed is removed in this way, even the invisible outer layer of the skin is thrown away. Leaving the skin is a big mistake.

After removing the old skin, a new layer appears and it becomes very sensitive.

It takes at least 28 days for a new layer to develop. During this period, sensitive skin is more affected by sun and dirt.

When you are not able to protect yourself, there is a danger of getting more problems with sensitive skin. Therefore, it is best to take measures to keep melanin stable in order to find a long-term solution to the problem, not just for a moment.

Regular use of sun protection cream and wearing an umbrella, hat and sunglasses when going out.

Sun protection cream must be applied inside and outside the house. When this happens, the moles on the skin will not be bothered.

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