Internet service blocked in Humla for four days

Nepal Telecom’s internet service has been disrupted for four days in Mlama.

When the internet service was disrupted since last Saturday evening, the service recipients in and around the district headquarters Simkot have been in crisis.

More than a dozen banks and financial institutions operating in Simkot have been facing more problems due to the internet service not working.

Nawaraj Mahatara, station manager of Radio Karnali Awaj, said that the internet of the ADSL service was not working, which caused problems to two radio FM stations in the district, including government and non-government offices in Simkot. Similarly, when the internet service does not work, it has created a problem for the media personnel in communicating news.

According to the Nepal Telecom Office, Simkot, the internet service has been disrupted due to a breakdown in the repeater tower of Nepal Telecom in Mahabulekh of Kalikot district.

It is said that the problem could not be solved even though the work of repairing the repeater tower in the area was going on. Although the mobile data of Namaste network worked, the internet of ADSL service did not work.

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