How much water should a healthy person drink daily

Modern science has confirmed that a large part of the human body is covered by water. About 60 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water, including 73 percent in the brain and heart, 83 percent in the lungs, 64 percent in the skin, and 79 percent in the kidneys. With so much water, many may not know how much water to drink to keep our body healthy.

A healthy person should drink about five liters of water in 24 hours. Because about two liters of water is excreted from the body of a healthy person every day. About one liter of water evaporates during respiration, one liter of water is excreted through sweat through the skin and one liter of water is excreted through the direction.

When calculated in this way, about five liters of water is released in 24 hours. However, the weather and the daily activities of the person may increase the amount.

Therefore, doctors say that it is necessary to drink as much water as possible. That is, a healthy person should drink an average of 5 liters of water in a period of 24 hours.

It is important to understand that drinking five liters of water does not mean just drinking plain water. Along with water, the amount of water from the food we eat is also going to the body. Milk, juice, tea, vegetables, pulses etc. are essential water sources for the body. So by doing all these, about five liters of water should reach the body in a day.

But remember this amount is for a healthy person. If a person has the disease, it may be necessary to drink less water according to the nature of the disease. Therefore, it is better for a person with some health complications to seek the advice of a doctor


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