Avoid the problem of broken legs

Dry and cracked feet can be a big cause of discomfort. Your broken feet may not look good on your sandals and you may feel pain. If such a broken leg is not treated in time, it can develop into a debilitating disease. Germs can also live on your broken feet and cause infections. Therefore, it is better to take measures to prevent any problem before it comes. Let’s learn some secrets to get rid of leg cramps:

Leg Cramp Problems, General Introduction : Foot cracking is the appearance of a torn or cut on the heel of your foot. At first, the part of the crotch gets a little stiff, but after a while, it looks like a crack in the same stiff area, that’s why we call it a broken leg.

Avoid the problem of broken legs

Ways to get rid of cracked cartilage:
Keep your feet as warm and soft as possible. Wear cotton socks after applying moisturizer. Similarly, use vegetable oil instead of lotion.
One of the reasons your feet break is because of your shoes. So wear comfortable shoes. Tight shoes cause not only pain in your feet but also cracking.
When cleaning your feet, use soap that will protect the bacteria in your feet.
Use a type of pumice stone to remove dead skin, which helps to remove your hard skin. But be careful, if you feel hurt, stop doing this immediately.
Rub lemon on your feet to soften your feet. Do this at least once a week for an hour so that you get results quickly.
Dip one foot into warm running water, pausing between layers to allow them to dry.
Do not try to cut your dead skin with a knife or a sharp weapon. This is because it can affect other parts of your skin as well, which can increase your chances of infection with pain.
Also drink at least 8-10 glasses each day. Avoid alcohol and nerves as much as possible. This will soften your skin.
Sometimes home remedies may not work as well as you might expect. If so, be sure to consult a doctor, as this may be a sign of other illnesses.


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